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About Us

We are brand of fashion accessories based in heart of Europe - Czech republic. We focus on unique design bracelets made up of natural materials and precious stones of various grades. Playing with shiny metallic elements and zircon, embossed with symbols and logos, with matt and gloss in short, with everything put together can create a unique bracelet, designed for both men and women.
We design each jewel themselves because we want to keep our bracelets original, modern and cool. In addition to our own imagination, we take inspiration also in the culture of exotic countries such as Bali, India and Thailand.


Each of our bracelets is hand made in the Czech Republic. Although the materials we use come from various parts of the world but we promise honest handmade job in preparing bracelets. One of our greatest strengths is that we do not produce bracelets one by one as many asian companies. We focus on quality processing and each bracelet leaves our workshop in such a condition that we are satisfied with it and especially the future owner as well.


Originality and modernity of our jewelry certeinly appreciate everyone who is young in spirit. Various semi-precious stones conceal spiritual dimension and each piece of jewelry from our menu says something about its owner. You do not have right to belive in the mysterious power and power of gemstones, just notice what in you rise.. 
For example pearls represents romantic soul, gold shows luxury lover, lava stones reveal spirit of adventure. 
We belive that in our jewerly offer is something for everyone. You can choose your bracelet according to shape of bracelet, favourite colors, type of stones or by the magic powers that are attributed to some semi-precious stones.
Be calm when choosing because we have already taken about nice design and great prices!